1997 Cadillac Deville • V8 2WD Automatic • 122,500 miles

I can't get the cruise control to work and I have no clue where the fuse box for it is. Help? If it's not the fuse, can you tell me what it might be please?


Also my rear suspension is low does this car have a leveler on it?
March 6, 2011.

For cruise ck the vacume switch at the brake pedal if not closed it wont hold vacume. I blow on large hose at servo if u can the switch needs adjustment also ck servo cables connections 2 the throtle. Sometimes u can pull up on the break pedal and it will engauage. Yes u have air shocks with 2 people sittin on rear bumper u will see and hear the air ride turn on to pump up rear if no u gotta leak. Leave key on during test

Mar 7, 2011.
If you have powertrain codes, the cruise sontrol will be inhibited. There may be codes, that will not illuminate the check engine light, so there may be no visual indication. Press off and warmer on the climate panel, hold until all segments light, reply the codes to this post.

Mar 8, 2011.