1996 Nissan Truck

I have a 1996 manual nissan pickup truck. Everything is pretty standard. No 4x4, no anything, standard. My problem started this morning. It was working fine the first 5 minute driving to school then I went on a turn and it started jerking in 3rd gear. As if shifted up into 4th and 5th, it went away. As I came to a stop sign, it did it in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, then 4th and 5th was fine. Then I was slowing down because someone was turning, it cut off in 1st. Started it up, it did it in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. So I turned around to go get my dads truck then it did it in every gear so its on the side of the road. I got my dads truck, went to go to school, came back to the truck and it wouldnt even start. Also there were no funny smells to my knowledge. I think its the clutch, but im no a mechanic. Also the meter for milage is broken (since I had it) and there is no RPM meter. Past owners said it was great, there was never a problem. I have had it for about two year, no problem untill now. What do you guys think? I thank you so much
November 6, 2012.

I am not no a mechanic, so please use great detail, I am car dumb.
I thank you guys very much!

Nov 6, 2012.
Check out the following link.

Without finding out what is missing, we won't be able to know what is wrong and my guess is problem is related to distributor and ignition coil.

Nov 6, 2012.