1996 Mitsubishi Galant • 183 miles

1996 Mitsubishi Galant

Replace car engine. Have an overheating issue. Flushed radiator, replaced thermostat and sometimes bogs when gets to about 1/4 of the way from the H on the temp gauge. Would replacing the temperature sensor or the gauge sensor help? Do I need the computer chip from the car that I got the engine from? Help! Running out of options and my travel is somewhat limited.
August 4, 2012.

What year model engine size did you get the engine from?Also what size is the engne you had in the car?

Aug 4, 2012.
Replaced engine is the same that was originally in it. The car is a 1996 Mitsubishi Galant. The engine specs are the same as the old motor. 1996-97, 2.4L, 4 cylinder. My VIN#: 4A3AJ46G5TE402615 (on title). VIN# on receipt 4A3AJ56G5VE052718. The 8th digit matches. I got the engine from a reputable salvage yard and engine came with a 30 day warranty which now has expired. The problem has been the same since it was installed and a mechanic installed the replacement engine. HELP!

Oh, by the way, forgot to mention that I need to replace part of the exhaust from the manifold to the catalytic converter. Need to also replace the front o2 sensor. Could that be the problem? Still squeals by the way.

Start with a leak down test to verify head gasket integrity on the used motor. Other than that, have the radiator flow tested to see if it is clogged.


Why do you have to replace the exhaust from the manifold to the cat?Is the cat plugged?That could cause the car to bogg at a 1/4 on the temp gauge?Also when the car is overheating is the radiator fan working?Does the radiator fan come on when it should?You could have a loose belt causing the squealing when turning the ac on.

Aug 5, 2012.
I have to replace the exhaust because the original one had a hole in it and a temporary fix was flex pipe to quiet down the car so that it was driveable but inorder for the flex pipe to fit had to cut off the O2 sensor. The cat isn't plugged to my knowledge. The car has two fans and they both come on when the car reaches the proper temperature. Did check the belts and they are all fine and show no apparent wear to indicate a problem. I'm a single mom and really don't have extra money for extensive or expensive repairs. I thought about the squealing issue. Could the problem be a bad tension pulley?

Could be a bad harmonic damper causing the squealing. This would also cause the alternator charging to be affected.

Aug 5, 2012.
The ac runs on its own seperate belt so thats not going to affect charging. Also the alternator belt would have to be slipping really bad to affect charging to the point it make the car overheat and loose power. Has it been checked for a restricted exhaust when it looses power?I would have it checked for that when its actiing up. Also we need to see what temp the fans kick on at.

Aug 5, 2012.