1996 Mercury Tracer • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 86,100 miles

Shifter stucked in park on mercury tracer 1996
April 18, 2011.

Check for blown fuse, under the dash or in the fuse box under the hood. I forget which fuse it is, controls other functions also. Fire up the car, take your test light and check both sides of all fuses. This is the EASIEST WAY to check fuses. Don't pull them needlessly, etc. Everyone that uses this method owes me a dollar.

Stuck in park because the lockout mechanism at the shifter is not moving. Console off, etc. To get to it. You can bypass it by prying open the little round access hole at upper RH side of console and sticking the end of you key in there. Moves the lockout out of the way.

Could also be a broken tab at the ignition switch (a cable connects from the ignition switch to the lockout). Butt pain, bigtime. I disconnected the lockout at the console totally (separated the clips). I hate cars that try to outthink you. Also clipped the key sensor wire at the ignition switch. Now the only time the buzzer annoys me is when I leave the headlights on. Wired the power windows hot at all times (I have no kids etc.) Great car. You have low mileage, seen these cars with 350K plus still purring.

May 3, 2011.
I have nothing to add to his answer.

Jul 18, 2011.