1996 Geo Tracker • 165,000 miles

On 96 geo tracker. 1.6 L 16 valve, single overhead cam, I removed cam pulley, need to re-install to cam. Do I put cam pulley on I or E?

There should be only one way the gear goes as it should set on a key on the cam.


There are actually two slotted keyhole marks on this cam - one has an I next to it, one has an E

The I is for intake and the E is for Exhaust. It is a reference for which stroke the engine is on at that top mark. The compression stroke is the I and overlap is the E.


They each have a notch, though, both exactly the same and will fit on either way, but in an effort not to ruin the engine. Trying to find which notch the pin should go on to the cam pulley to the cam

Here is a pic of the cam pulley.

You have to determine the position of the cam, whether it is on compression or valve over lap. You need someone familiar with camshafts, after you remove the valve cover, to tell you which stroke it is on.


The pin on the cam is on the same spot on every cam so that means that the cam pully will be in the same spot on every one of this motors im asking witch pin hole does it go in it has to be in the same one on every one of this motors I sent pic please look at it

Once again, the notch on the gear for the timing marks are not 180 apart. If you use the worng one, you will time the motor wrong and if it is an interference motor, you could bend valves. The position of the cam must be at tdc compression and the mark should be straight up. I mean the notch on the gear by the teeth.


Im not looking to put timming belt on im looking to install cam pully to cam sorry for ur incovienence

Not inconvience. Trying to make sure you put it on correctly so the car runs good and not cause other issues.