1996 Ford Escort • 4 cylinder Automatic • 188,000 miles

Replacing front strut on 1996 ford excort lx station wagon
January 21, 2011.

Raise vehicle.
Remove front wheel.
Remove brake hose-to-strut clip.
Remove anti-lock brake sensor clip from strut bracket (if equipped).
Remove 2 strut-to-knuckle bolts.
Remove upper mounting block nuts.
Remove strut assembly.
Disassembly & Reassembly
Remove cap from top of strut tower.
Secure strut assembly mounting block in vise.
Turn piston rod nut one turn to loosen.
Install spring compressor on strut coil spring.
Compress coil spring.
Remove piston rod nut, mounting block, thrust bearing, rubber spring seat, coil spring and rebound stopper.
To reassemble, reverse disassembly procedure

Jan 21, 2011.