1998 Ford Escort

Suspension problem
1998 Ford Escort 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 170000 miles

How do you repair ball joints?
August 7, 2010.

They are non repairable. When they go bad, they need replaced.

Let me know if you have other questions.


I know that they have to be replaced. How do you go about replaceing them.

Aug 8, 2010.
Sorry about that, but you did say repair.

Here are the directions I was able to get for you: To remove: 1. Raise the front of the car and support it with safety stands.
2. Remove the wheel assembly.
3. Unfasten the pinch bolt attaching the lower ball joint to the steering knuckle.
4. Seperate the ball joint from the steering knuckle.
5. Unfasten the lower control arm ball joint nuts and bolt. Remove the ball joint.

To install: 6. Place the ball joint into position on the lower control arm. Install the ball joint-to-lower control arm retainers. Tighten the nuts and bolt to 69-86 ft. Lbs. (93-117 Nm).
7. Apply Loctite 290 threadlocking compound or equivalent to the ball joint nut and threads.
8. Attach the ball joint to the steering knuckle and install the pinch bolt. Tighten the pinch bolt to 32-43 ft. Lbs. (43-59 Nm).
9. Install the wheel assembly and lower the car.
10. Have the vehicle alignment checked and if necessary, adjusted.