1996 Dodge Ram • 225,000 miles

Truck would not start after a short trip. No fuel getting to engine. Engine turns over strong, just won't start. Replaced fuel pump and ASD relays-no difference. Could not hear fuel pump when ignition to "on" position. Replaced fuel pump [purchased online from buyautoparts. Com-could not afford dealer price]. Pump came with sheet describing several different wiring combinations if pump and truck plugs did not match [ which they did not] problem is the wire colors on the truck harness do not match the colors described on the sheet, so I am lost as to what to connect to what. Is there a solution?
Deane fox
June 14, 2013.

I would return the pump to the vendor as universal pumps such as yours always have issues with wiring.

You can get inexpensive pumps at parts stores without spending dealer amounts. Verify fuses as your wiring, if it is incorrect may have blown a fuse


Jun 15, 2013.
Returning pump to vendor would not solve my problemoh, and by the way, YOUR company WAS the vendor. Great loyal endorsement of your employer! If your company is aware of this problem, why don't you do something about it instead of just ignoring it. So far, am very disappointed with my first online purchase, probably will never be another one---just too frustrating.

Deane fox
Jun 18, 2013.