1995 Toyota Corolla • 262,000 miles

excuse me.
Lately notice these symptoms:
(1) In addition to the erratic behavior of the needle 2 to 3 inches of mercury vacuum gauge.
(2) I've noticed an engine idle unstable and as indicated above with small explosions in the exhaust.
(3) By the way, I checked with a role in the escape, and it sucks.
(4) noise in the valves, as click click.

IAC valve is clean.
Throttle body cleaned.
Still the problem persists.

You may need an adjustment of valve clearance?
should do a compression test on the cylinders?
These symptoms may lead to think there's any burnt valve?
Finally, these symptoms lead to knock / detonation or pinging of the engine?
I would appreciate any suggestions as possible.
April 20, 2012.

Make sure the IAC is working and cjeck for vacuum leaks. Check ignition timing too.

The ignition timing is right, 10 degrees BTDC.
The IAC valve is working properly.
How to check vacuum leaks?

Apr 20, 2012.
For vacuum leaks, go to our homepage under the DIY section for directions.

Vacuum leak may exist for o-ring distributor?

I have oil leaking there, I removed the distributor and noticed that the o-ring is dry and very worn.

Apr 24, 2012.
Start there. Replace the o-ring so there are no leaks. Make sure to check around the intake manifold and throttle body.

I changed the o-ring, then took the opportunity to check valve clearance, one of them (intake) is 0.13mm (0.005 inches), the nominal 0.15mm - 0.25mm, I'm looking for a new fit.
This may produce the sound tick, tick on the valves?
Some other effect on the operation of the car?
After adjusting the clearance valves, and proves the car them to comment.

Apr 25, 2012.
Now adjusted the gap between valves, it disappeared with the noise of the valves. Vacuum leaks'm still looking for the intake manifold area hear a sound like something to suck, aunh can not identify its source.
I can use WD-40 to locate the vacuum leak?

Apr 26, 2012.
The ignition timing, so I did personally, to buy a lamp estrevosc√ pica it.
Initially allow the engine to warm up.
I did a jumper on terminals TE1 and E1 of the diagnostic connector.
Connect estreboscopio the spark plug wire 1 and regulate it at 10 AMPS moving the distributor.
Then I removed the bridge.
I went back to check the ignition timing, this time indicates 20 BTDC approx.

Something I did wrong? I followed as described in the service manual of the car.

May 17, 2012.
This time I meet a problem that arose recently. Spark knock during acceleration and only when the engine temperature taken.
I tried holding back on 2 less, ie 10 initial stayed in 8, even so the problem psyche.

Jul 7, 2012.
My car despite having corrected ignition timing, even spark snock. Have something to do with the fuel pressure?

Mar 25, 2013.