1995 Pontiac Transport • 6 cylinder Automatic • 270,000 miles

My Pontiac transport started stalling on me occasionally which became more frequently but started every time after. I started the car and came back in the house only to realize it died after a couple of mins. I started it again the next day and it ran fine until I started accelerating it. It started acting up and became intermittent and eventually died. Also noticed that when revved up to 4000 RPM, the speedo also rises to about 20 km/hr.
Any input towards solving this problem would be appreciated. Thanks
April 9, 2011.

Start by checking the fuel pressure with a gauge if its within specs to rule out a failing fuel pump-

Apr 9, 2011.
What are the other possibilities? Could it be a clogged up fuel filter or MAF? What is the easiest and quickest way to diagnose this?

Apr 9, 2011.