1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass • 200,000 miles

I have a 95 Olds Cutlass with a 3.1. My problem is it won't try to start. Came home one morning from work and was going out later that night. The car acted like the battery was dead when I tried to crank it, the radio and lights came on but no starter click or rotation. Noticed that the security light was blinking in the dash as well. I have cleaned the positive and ground wires at the battery and starter, had starter tested and it checked good, had battery put on a charger for several hrs. Was told at local parts store that the anti thief relay may be the problem. Could this be my problem or do I need to look else where? And if it is the Anti thief relay, where is it located? Thanks for any insight to this issue
1 95 Olds guy
November 11, 2012.

Forget about the relay. Wild guess from a parts salesman, not a tech

you need to verify power to the little wire on the starter motor in the start position.


Nov 11, 2012.
Thanks Roy

I checked for the power like you suggested and I did not get a reading when trying to start the car. Where do I need to check next?

1 95 Olds guy
Nov 11, 2012.