1995 Nissan Pathfinder • 6 cylinder Manual • 147,000 miles

Hello I have a 1995 nissan pathfinder, I have been experiencing hard starting and engine vutting off afta 5 min of driving. I put a new ignition coil on but still have the same problem. I notice that when I try to start it and it doesnt want to turn over and I have the key in the on position the ignition coil is making sparks to the distributor so I pulled the wire from the ignition coil off of the distributor and it arcs at the end of the wire then I went to the ignitition module and unplugged that even with that unplugged I still hear sumthin ticking even when the engines not running
November 27, 2010.

When ignition is turned on, the coil should not keep sparking unless the ECM is sending the wrong signal to the power transistor to trigger the ignition coil.

Unplug the ECM and test if the sparking continues.

Nov 28, 2010.
I went and got a new ecm and it still does the same thing I notice that when I put the car in the on position the ignition coil and putting out spark like I said but also the fuel injectors are clicking and the fuel pump sound like when it primes itself but it stays on and when push down on the gas pedal the spark and clicking gets faster and the rpms jump up to 4 without the car started

Dec 12, 2010.
This is something that defies logic and I am afraid I am not able to help.

Curiously, how did you monitor the sparks and injectors? With injectors clicking and fuel pump staying on, the cylinders should be flooded within a few seconds.

Dec 13, 2010.