1995 Nissan Maxima

I have a 95 Nissan Maxima that will not turn over for nothing. What happened is my car just cut off out of nowhere before cutting off it had been idling like if I went to slow it attempted to cut off and I would have to hurry up and rev the gas. But it cut of on me one day and never turned back on. After getting it looked at I was told it was my power cord to my car battery so I replaced that and it didnt turn over, I was the told that I needed a new starter because they old one which was brand new burned out, so I replaced that and it still didnt turn over, I was then told it was that I needed a new Cam sensor so I replaced that and still nothing, so I took it to another shop and they told me I needed a new ECM so I searched around for one and after a long time of looking I finally found the right one for my car which was only manufactured for 2 months which was why it was so hard to find, so I got it and took my car to a shop that specializes in engine computers, and they were unable to get it to turn over so I took it to Courtesy Nissan and they were able to flash and install the ECM, even after them putting it in the car STILL didnt turn over so the mechanic told me I needed to get a new crank position sensor I then replaced that and now he's saying he thinks it may be that I need a new engine harness. Is this my last resort? PLEASE HELP
August 13, 2012.

Wish we could see it but we cannot. Sounds like a lot of guessing going on.

Did you do the basics? Compression, fuel pressure and spark tests? I would start there and see what is missing.


Aug 13, 2012.

Follow above link and find out what is missing and let me know.

Aug 13, 2012.
I dont know anything about cars this is what I was told from the different mechanics. I would assume they went thru these steps but I have no idea what they did.

Those mechanics that you sent the car to does not seem to know what they are doing because they are not able to pinpoint the source of the problem. Since you are not able to tell us the problem, we are not able to help you.

Aug 13, 2012.
I appreciate the advice I'm going to print out this list of things to go thru and take it to them hopefully it helps. Thanks

I have a 99 that did same thing. They changed all the sensors and everything ignition switch and everything, new battery. It turned out that the fuel pump was clogged up real bad which wasnt feeding fuel into the injectors

Aug 17, 2012.
Justingasper, thanks for your input.

I just wonder how they go about. If they are sure of their work, they would have tested everything before making changes. Guess you should be looking for a better qualified mechanic.

Have a great weekend.

Aug 18, 2012.
Thanks, I don't think that is the issue. You would think these mechanics know what they are doing considering I took it to COURTESY NISSAN. I went to 3 different shops and got nothing smh