1994 Ford F-150 • 140,000 miles

1994 F150.302
Speedometer and Digital Odometer not working. Over drive light is blinking. Replaced a burnt fuse then replaced ABS/Speed sensor on differential. Still not working. Over drive light still blinking also. Transmission shifts as normal. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!
July 12, 2013.

First, it is very common for the digital odometers to go bad and not light. The only fix I know for that is to replace the cluster. Not a cheap or fun job. As far as the flashing OD light, that indicates there is a transmission trouble code stored in the computer. You need to have that scanned to identify the trouble code so you know where the problem is coming from. Looking at my info, there should be a VSS on the transmission. That could be causing the problem with the speedo. Check that too.

How many VSS on transmission? I have found 2 on Autozone and Advance websites. I have 2WD.

Jul 13, 2013.
There should be one on the transmission that is responsible for the speedo

Something told me today to recheck no.18 fuse again, the one that originally burned out. It was burned out again. I replaced it, turned the ignition switch on, odometer showed for about 5 seconds and fuse blew again. It has speedometer, AT shift interlock, air bag restraint (air bag light not on) running off the fuse.

Jul 16, 2013.
Now we hit a brick wall. This is what I suggest. You need to disconnect the different components, one at a time, to see which one is causing the fuse to blow. Then it is a matter of tracing wires to locate the short.

I appreciate the advice but I ended up taking truck to an auto electric shop. A bad air bag control module is what kept blowing the fuse. Posting this to possibly help someone else. Speedometer/odometer working again. No flashing OD light.

Jul 23, 2013.
Glad you got it fixed.