1994 Ford E-Series Van • 47,000 miles

My 94 ford e-150 has an occasional miss at low to medium throttle or idle after the engine warms up. The miss just started about a month ago. From reading your columns, I think it may be due to a vacuum manifold leak, bad egr valve or leaking vapor canister/fuel vapor recovery valve. I have a Haynes manual but it does not show where the vapor canister or vapor recovery valve are located. Can you please advise where those components are located and confirm whether they might cause this condition if defective? Any advice as to how to proceed with diagnosis would be much appreciated. By the way, I replaced plugs, wires, rotor and dist cap (tune-up after 18 years of service) but that made no difference. Bob in Tallahassee
December 8, 2012.

You gave us no engine size and I assume it is a v6.

Is this fuel injected? I assume it is.

I would have the injectors cleaned professionally first. It may be a spray pattern that is not doing well.

18 years on plugs? Wow. Surprized they came out.

What about filters?


Engine is 5.8 liter. Fuel injection. I changed filters during the tuneup I did last month. I would like to check the vapor recovery system before paying a shop to do any work such as cleaning injectors. Some are not that talented. That's why I do most of my repairs and maintenance myself. But the shop manual for Ford e-series is not

Do you know where the evap emissions fuel vapor canister and and control valve are located? They do not appear to be visible under the hood or doghouse. Running boards preclude easy access to the black box beneath the driver's floorboard. I suspect it may be inside that metal box but will need a lift to remove the box.

As for fuel injectors, have you tried fuel additives like Techron or Seafoam? Could the government-sponsored ethanol push foul the injectors? Do you know the going rate for professional fuel injector cleaning.

Dec 8, 2012.
No additives, they have little or no effect.

79 for the cleaning.

The evap system will not cause your issue.


Appreciate the advice but you still did not answer my question: where is the evap fuel canister? Please explain why you cannot answer this simple question.

Dec 9, 2012.