1993 Toyota Landcruiser • 370,000 miles

Hi I have a 93 mod toyota landcruiser 80 series, petrol 4.5ltr. And my radiator won't fill up after it cools down, I drive 40-80kms and than over night my radiator fluid is about 40mm from top of radiator, its not loosing fluid at all just a vacum prob. I have replaced radiator, hoses, resoiur tank, tried half a dozen rad caps and still no differnce. I am affraid it will overheat. Please help because I rely on my cruiser and cant afford to go to mechanics. Cheers and look forward to your reply.
October 14, 2012.

You have a leak if you are loosing all this fluid.

You need a shop to do a leak down test to confirm the head gasket is not burning the coolant.


Oct 14, 2012.
If the reserve tank is filling up, you most probably has a head gasket problem.

Oct 14, 2012.