1993 Toyota Camry • 117,000 miles

I just had an oil change and "trip check" by my regular mechanic two weeks ago (right on schedule) in a very well maintained 1993 Camry (only 117,000 miles). The next day or so, I noticed a faint burning odor whenever I stopped and got out of the car. The odor persisted so I took it back to the mechanic. They advised me that numerous seals were leaking and what I'm smelling is the leaking oil "burning" on the exhaust manifold. After a few more days of driving around town, I bought some Lucas "Oil Stabilizer" to try to help slow or stop the leaks. I checked the oil level, however, and found it about a half a quart too full. Key questions: (1) Is it possible/likely that the overfilling with oil may have caused damage to the seals and generated the leaks? (2) How important is it to get the "extra oil" out of the system (i.E, will continuing to drive it with too much oil cause more damage?
January 5, 2013.

1. No
2. Never add any additive to oils as the oils have all the additives they need. They rarely work anyway.

Not bad to drive. Should be ok


Slight Disagreement: OVERFILLING can and will cause Engine damage. It increases oil pressure; causes various other problems - and can definitely blow out seals. That is why a maximum oil fill level exists.

You were leaking oil when you checked on the level - and you had already lost oil; and you were still 1/2 quart over full.

You should talk to your shop about it. They mistakenly overfilled it. Not good.

To fix - the blown seals will now need to be replaced.

Feb 3, 2013.