1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee • 221,389 miles

Ive recently purchased a 93 grand cherokee limited v8 5.2L
i am having issues starting I have to turn the key to the on position and wait 1-5 min warm 10-20 min cold before the asd relay will start clicking and activate my fuel pump relay. At first I thought it was the factory alarm system seeming as I bought it without the FoB I did some research and removed the alarm system with no avail I was still having the same issue so I talked to a buddy who helped me bypass the relays and that had no effect either first we did the fuel pump relay then the asd relay then returned it to normal when it seemed it would not help we also replaced the relays, so then I took the jeep over to a shop and had them plug in the computer and it shows no error codes at all so now im stumped again the jeep does run Ive not had any other issues with it aside from the waiting to start, when the asd relay is rdy to go it will start clicking on/off/on/off/on/off etc after about ten or twenty clicks the check engine light will start to flash on the dash for the final dozen clicks and go solid when the relay stops then turns off after a few secs later, at this point I can start the jeep trying to start before hand with just result in the jeep turning over as the fuel pump has not primed the engine
October 7, 2012.

The computer is what grounds the asd relay. You need to check for this ground when you turn the key on.


How or where should I start to look for this ground?

Oct 7, 2012.
The ground wire for the asd relay needs to be ohmed out from there to the ecm to confirm. If it is ok, the ecm may have failed.