1993 Ford Crown Victoria • 159,000 miles

Hi im wanting to swap my frame out for a 4 wheel drive chassis is there one that will work without alot of fabricating
March 4, 2013.

You could try one from one of retired space shuttles. No, wait. That wasn't four-wheel-drive.

Have you considered the size of the wheel openings needed on a truck to accommodate the u-joints or cv joints compared to the dinky wheel openings of a car? I saw a fellow try to put a four-wheel-drive Suburban frame under a two-wheel-drive Suburban body. After many weeks of frustration and wasted money, he threw in the towel and put a "For Sale As Is" sign in the window. He turned two vehicles into junk.

There is no such thing as a truck frame to fit under a car even with lots of fabricating. The wheel base and track are different. The springs and their mounts are different. The gas tank, fill tube, trunk, seats, and floor will be in the way of cross members. If you want to go through anything, look for an older all-wheel-drive Grand Caravan or Aerostar.

Mar 5, 2013.