1992 Pontiac Trans Am • V8 2WD Automatic • 133,525 miles

Where does the signal come from that operates the fuel injectors on a 1992 Pontaic Trans Am with a 305 Tuneport engine?
Larry Allen
November 21, 2010.

Port Fuel Injection (PFI) Individual, electrically pulsed injectors (one per cylinder) are located in intake manifold fuel rails. These injectors are next to intake valves in cylinder head. Standard PFI systems feature simultaneous double-fire injection. Fuel injectors are pulsed once for each engine revolution, each spray providing 1/2 the fuel required for the combustion process. Thus, 2 injections of fuel (2 rotations of crankshaft) are mixed with incoming air to produce the fuel charge for each combustion cycle. The 3.8L and 4.9L use Sequential Fuel Injection (SFI). Injectors on these models are pulsed sequentially in spark plug firing order. Main differences between sequential and simultaneous systems are injectors, wiring and the ECM. In all systems, constant fuel pressure is maintained to the injectors. Air/fuel mixture is regulated by amount of time injector stays open (pulse width). Various sensors provide information to the ECM to control pulse width.

Dr Loot
Nov 21, 2010.