1992 Holden Barina • 159,000 miles

My Holden barina keeps stalling and then cuts out when baterry light appears on dashboard. My mechanic changed, fuel pump, fuel filter, carburetor. Had a new baterry fitted by RAC in Perth, Australia not long before problem started. Sent to auto electrician and they suggested change alternator, but it may not fix the problem. My mechanic has tested alternator and says it does charge the battery, so it can't be that. My mechanic can't seem to find the problem or reasons why this keeps happening on occasion. It's a safety risk to drive since I don't know when it may stall on the road or in traffic.
December 30, 2012.

What light comes on when it dies? Did anyone check the fuseable link between the alt and the battery? Is the battery dead when it dies?

Battery light comes on when it cuts out. Car starts again afterward every time. Not sure if mechanic checked fuseable link. He insists battery n alt is fine since he tested it. Strangely it never happens when he had the car to fix it. It cut out a few times in winter whilst we drove it on the highway or in traffic. I drove it this morning for 30 km and it was fine. So not sure what it could be. Hubby insists I can't drive it to work (1hr) away, unless its sorted.

Dec 30, 2012.