1992 GMC Sonoma • 154,000 miles

Running bad replaced coil pack started the truck up was running pulled out drive cut off now it won't crank back up
June 9, 2012.

Is this the 2.2 motor? If it is, was there a crank sensor under the module under the coil pack? When I had this issue, I always replaced the coils, module and crank sensor.

I assume again it is a 2.2. Let me know if it is a v-6


Its a v6.

Ok. You replaced just the coil? Did you check for power on the red wires from the ignition>> the othwire should pulsate with a test light when cranking. If it does not, then the crank sensor has failed. If it does, then there should be spark to the distributor cap. You need to remove and make sure the rotor is not burned through.

Could you tell me where the air charge temp sensor is located?

In the big intake hose from the air filter to the throttle body. It has no effect on your issue