1992 Ford Taurus • 2.3L V6 FWD Automatic • 100,000 miles

Thanx for help. The lower radiator hose thnat connects to block had come off I reattached it and put water in rad. It was dry drove aprox 5mi home. Chkd rad. Alot of pressure when I lift pressure on cap. There is no coolant in it. On waty home it started to get hot but fan kicked temp went down idles rough (almost out of gas)smooth out when accleration. Ques. How much damage waz done any help greatly appreciated u guyz are best on web. Oh yeah im broke. Thanks again
January 14, 2014.

First, if the cooling system was empty when you did the work, refill the radiator to see if it levels out and stays full. If it doesn't and still uses coolant, check for leaks and pay attention to see if there is white smoke from the exhaust. If there is, you may have a bad head gasket.

Let me know what you find.

Thanx for the help. Indeed the head gasket waz blown, the starter siezed.I junked it

Feb 16, 2014.
That isn't good news.