1991 Lexus LS 400

How do I replace Back Hub on drivers side
January 27, 2013.

Removal (LS400)

1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove rear wheels. Have an assistant depress brake pedal. Remove drive shaft lock nut. Remove brake caliper, and suspend using wire. Remove 2 brake disc retaining screws. Remove brake disc rotor.

2. Remove parking brake shoes and cable. Remove 3 bolts and ABS speed sensor. Remove strut rod and lower suspension arms. Remove lower shock absorber nut (DO NOT remove bolt).

3. Remove 2 upper arm retaining bolts. Remove lower bolt on shock absorber. Remove axle carrier with upper arm. Place axle carrier in vise. Loosen the upper arm retaining nut (leave the nut attached). Tap nut with a hammer and brass punch to remove upper arm from axle carrier.

4. Remove bearing dust deflector with a screwdriver. Remove grease seal with Puller (09308-00010). Discard grease seal. Remove 2 bolts and nuts retaining dust cover plate to axle carrier. Rotate dust cover plate to allow installation of Bearing Puller (09950-20017).

5. Press axle hub out of axle carrier with Bearing Puller (09950-20017). Remove dust cover plate. Remove inner bearing race (outside) with Race Remover (09550-20017) from axle hub. Remove outer grease seal. Remove bearing "C" clip. Temporarily install inner race in axle bearing and press bearing from axle carrier.

Jan 28, 2013.