1990 Nissan Pulsar • 170,000 miles

Temp gage up and down were should it sit when running on a pulsar n13 1990 1.8le
June 4, 2012.

It should not go up and down.

Check the coolant level. Check the thermostat.


Well I did change coolant and look at thermostat. Thinking maybe faulty thermostat, I tested it in a pot of water, slowly bring the water to almost boiling and it was very slow to open but closed a little quicker when put in cooler water. Does this indicated a sticky or faulty thermostat? Didnt look like a standard thermostat either. Are they sold separately or do they come complete with the housing?

Jun 4, 2012.
As the stat opens and closes. The heated water gos into the rad. And the cool water goes back in the engine. Make sure the rad. Fan is working. The temp. Gauge will move up and down slightly when the stat opens and closing. Remove the coolant and fill with water. Then remove the upper hose at the radiator. Start it and u should watch the stat when it opens all the water will pour out the upper hose. When the stat opens

Jun 4, 2012.