1998 Nissan Pulsar • 320,000 miles

Hi I have a 1998 Nissan Pulsar CJ-1 with a GA15DE Auto Transmission engine. It does not have a rev counter on its dash cluster and would like to replace it with the one that has a rev counter on it. Is this possible? If so then how do I go about doing this as I already have the cluster with rev counter in it but I can not connect as there isn't a third lug connection in the car. Would be much appreciated if someone could let me know.
February 11, 2013.

This is not a plug and use situation. You would have to rewire the meter cluster as some wires would be missing and most likely the wire positions on the 2 connector present have to be relocated. You need to map out both meter wiring connectors and rerlocate as necessary.

The rpm signal would have to come from the distributor.

Feb 11, 2013.