1989 Opel Omega

Transmission problem
1989 Opel Omega 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 2.4i miles

i have opel omega 2.4i 1989 the problem is in gear in cold weather in the morning when I start engine and put D (Drive) it start in 1st gear for 3 seconds and then to 4th gear, and then after 10 min it will be normal transmission gear. Now when the weath is hot in the morning start nomally but after driving it for hours it change gear 1, 2 and then it will like N no gears is changing. Soo please can I know what is the problem plz and thanks 4 help
June 4, 2009.

Could be fluid bad/low or a transmission fault. You need to have a tech look at the vehicle

Dave H
Jun 17, 2009.
Ithink it depends on ATF type, amount, filter, throttle valve, engine temp

Sep 19, 2011.