1988 Toyota Landcruiser

Hey there me again,
we are still having problems with our brakes on our Landcruiser. So far we have replaced the vaccum booster, the master cylinder, the front disc pads, the rear drums and shoes and the wheel cyliders on the back drums. We have bled the brakes till there is no air in the lines and we end up with really good pressure in the pedal, but then when you turn the car on the pedal just about goes to the floor and we have no handbrake. When we took the drums and shoes off the rear we noticed that the drivers side did not have the automatic adjusting lever on it. Could this be a problem? Before we replaced the front pads (which is when all the problems started) the brakes and the handbrake where fine.
September 17, 2011.

Okay, I think I was working with this one before. Was the parking brake lever or self adjuster missing?

Also, have you checked to make sure the rubber brake hoses on the front are not expanding when you hit the brakes?

No the self adjuster is on their, the part that was missing was a plate that sits in front of the parking brake lever. There is the parking brake lever then a c-washer then the plate(that is missing) then a e-ring. Have checked the rubber hoses and they seem to be okay. Still get a good pedal when we have bled them but as soon as we start the car there is not much at all. Also we have no handbrake still.

Sep 17, 2011.
Get the handbrake working correctly first.
If the handbrake is not working correctly, it means the shoes are too far away and not contacting. This means the wheel cylinders need to travel far for the shoes to contact the drum and would result in the low brake pressure.

Get the handbrake working first. Ensure the handbrake cable has free travel. Manually pushing the lever (bell crank) at the wheel where handbrake cable is attached to would make the self adjuster work. If handbrake cable is too tight, the self adjuster would not work.

Sep 17, 2011.