1988 Chevrolet Suburban

1988 Chevrolet Truck V20 3/4 ton Sub 4WD 5.7L TBI 8cyl

Replaced the IAC. When it was started. It raced like a bandit. Turned it off and disconnected the battery for 30 minutes. Now it will not start at all. Acts like it is not getting any gas. Any help would be appreciated.
June 9, 2012.

When you replace the iac, the valve is fully retracted and will settle down in a period of time. Removing the battery cable was not a good idea. You wiped out the memory of the computer and it has to re learn all over again compounding the situation. Give it about 1/2 throttle to start it and see if it idels. You may have to drive it for it to re learn.


Cant drive it cant keep it running. Plz if it was me I would have takin it to the shop. I dont mess with electrical. But the man has a friend who said do this. So this is where I am at not I have to try to fix it. I have been workin on vehicles since I was a kid, my dad taught me, isnt much I cannot do, but I do know what I dont touch.

I found an article that said I can re train it by jumping the block under the dash. Is this possible? We used to get the codes out of the old vehicles by jumping with a wire.

Jun 9, 2012.
Thats just code pull, nothing to do with re learn system.

Try the battery thing again and see if it fires up