1987 Mitsubishi Mighty Max • 4 cylinder 2WD Manual •

1987 Mits Mighty Max, tons of mile, sits in the woods. We bought this thing as a hunting truck. It ran fine for a while then we noticed that fuel was coming out of the bottom of the charcoal vent canister up front. I replaced the fuel filter. Now it smokes white really bad and stalls out after ten or fifteen minutes of running. If you wait ten or fifteen it'll crank up again, then stall out ten or fifteen minuts later. I can't find which carb rebuild kit to use. It's a 1987 2.6L manual Sport. I thought the gas was bad from sitting so I was ganna pull the bed, flush the tank, rebuild the carb and see what happened but I can't find a rebuild kit. Any help would be great!
January 6, 2011.

Before rebuilding the carb, I need you to check something. White smoke usually indicates coolant getting into the combustion chamber. Check to make sure the coolant isn't low and make sure it isn't getting oil on the coolant or coolant on the oil. It sounds like a bad head gasket to me.

I'll give that a check this weekend. We checked the oil last weekend and it was fine, I had to do a head gasket on a Ford last summer, this little mighty max is acting a lot worse and the oil hasn't looked like a milkshake yet.

Jan 7, 2011.
Let me know what you find.