1987 Chevrolet S-10 • 6 cylinder 4WD Automatic • 130,000 miles

I have a 1987 s-10 2.8 liter with no spark and no fuel in the TBI. I do have good pressure to the throtle body. When I crank it over I see no fuel. If I put a spark plug on the coil wire and turn on the ignition I see a spark, but not at the end of the plug wires.
December 31, 2010.

How long since a tune-up? Replace distributor cap and rotor. Plugs and plug wires, ok? Without rpm signal, no injector pulse. It is possible to have spark at plugs during cranking, even if the computer doesn't see an rpm signal, but, without that signal, no injector pulse. Any applicable trouble codes?

Dec 31, 2010.