1987 Cadillac Brougham • 50,000 miles

I have a 1987 Caddy Brougham d'elegance I'm trying to restore and it has an electrical problem I can't find which causes the battery to go dead in a day. A mechanic friend of mine suggested unplugging the A/C compressor which I will do as soon as I get the starter back on. Besides the dead battery (brand new) the only other symptom I notice is a definite "click" when I connect the pos. Terminal.

I'm not a car expert in any way which is why I torture myself by buying clunkers and wasting tons of money getting them to run and look good. It's a hobby. "Overhaulin'" has no competition here.

I'm glad I found your website and it's already on my "favorites" menu.
John Burleson
May 25, 2012.

Check the power ant. And the trunk pulldown for proper oper. And they are not staying on. Ck. The 2 metal breakers in the fuse panel. If either is hot the short is in that circut. Check all the interior like glove box lite, map lights, trunk lite switch and the under hood lite switch. Check both power seat oper. If u cant find it. Well need a volt meter or test light to check further. But start here.

May 25, 2012.