1984 Nissan Hardbody • 145 miles

How do you replace the front rotors on a 1984 720 4x4 with a 5spd manual transmission and a 2.4L engine?
December 9, 2012.

Removal (4WD Pickup)

1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove tire and wheel. Remove caliper as previously described and hang from frame with wire. Do not disconnect hydraulic line.

2. Set free-running hub to "LOCK" position. Remove free-running hub assembly bolts. Remove snap-ring. Remove driven clutch assembly.

3. Remove tie rod end using Separator (HT72520000). Remove bolts securing knuckle arm-to-knuckle. Support lower link with jack and remove upper and lower ball joint nuts.

4. Separate upper and lower ball joints from knuckle spindle using Separator (HT72520000). Remove snap ring and lock washer. Remove front wheel lock nut using Remover (KV40104300). Remove hub with rotor from knuckle.


1. Install hub-to-rotor bolts and tighten. Assemble wheel hub and knuckle in reverse order of disassembly, noting the following. Pack cavity of knuckle with wheel bearing grease and coat all bearings.

2. Rotate hub several times to seat bearings, and check bearing preload. Bend lock washer lip up into a lock nut groove. Install spindle assembly, and tighten suspension components. Check that axle shaft end play is.004-.012" (.1-.3 mm).

3. Adjust axle shaft end play with proper thickness of snap ring. Mountcaliper, tighten and bleed hydraulic system if necessary.

Dec 9, 2012.