Window Motor Replacement

How to Replace a Window Motor and Test the Switch

For those of us who have owned vehicles with manual windows and have had to hang over the passenger side trying to roll down the window to talk to a friend as you leave from the curb, power windows are a blessing. But when electric windows stop working where do you look? The window is controlled by four main parts; the window motor, the window regulator, the part that holds the window and the control switch. When you move the switch one way or the other, an electrical current is sent to the window motor forcing the window to go up or down depending on the direction of the switch.

Most window control systems are powered by a fuse or thermo fuse. A thermo fuse will cut power to the window circuit if too much electrical draw is being used. This serves as a safety device and helps keep the wiring from overloading due to over usage. Always wear protective safety goggles and gloves before work begins. (Warning: some electric window regulators are equipped with a helper spring that can have tension, use caution when disassembling)

Step 1 - Removing Door Access Panel

Remove Door Handle Bezel
Remove Door Handle Bezel

First remove all plastic access panels and screw hole covers.

Step 2 - Remove Control Switch Panel

Remove Window Switch Panel
Remove Window Switch Panel

Pry gently to remove the switch panel, (do not break). Removing the switch panel is different in all cars. Some vehicles don't have a switch panel because it is built into the door panel.

Step 3 - Disconnect Electrical Connector

Remove Window Switch Conenctor
Remove Window Switch Connector

After the switch panel is removed, release the connector safety and disconnect the electrical connector.

Step 4 - Removing Door Panel Mounting Bolts

Locate and Remove Door Panel Bolts
Locate and Remove Door Panel Bolts

Locate and remove all door panel mounting bolts and-or screws. Some door panels use plastic push style fasteners. After all door panel fasteners have been removed gently pull up and-or out on the panel and remove it. Remove all electrical connectors to fully separate the panel from the door.


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Article first published (Updated 2013-11-30)