DRL Light Bulb Replacement

Step by step article on how to replace a DRL (daytime running light) bulb. This article pertains to most vehicles.

Difficulty Scale: 2 of 10

Tools and Supplies Needed

  • Replacement DRL bulb
  • Small screw driver set
  • Torx head drivers
  • Protective eyewear and gloves

Begin with the vehicle on level ground, engine "OFF" in park with the emergency brake set.


Step 1 - Begin by removing the retainer clips or screws that secure the headlight lens to the body. Screws could be a torx head driver.

Removing Headlight Lens Retainer Clips

Step 2 - After the retainers have been removed, grasp the lens and gently remove it from the holder.

Removing Headlight Lens

Step 3 - Next, Use a small screwdriver to release the wiring connectors to the headlight and running light bulbs.

Disconnecting Headlight Wiring Connector

Step 4 - Once the headlight lens has been removed, locate and release the retainer clip or screws.

Release DRL Retainer Clip


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Article first published (Updated 2015-01-07)