Code P0496, EVAP purge solenoid valve location needed

  • 2007 SATURN AURA
  • 80,000 MILES
Every time I’m at a stoplight my car feels as if it wants to turn off like it’s running out of gas. When I put gas in my vehicle the gas pump stops pumping automatically as if it’s full when it’s not. I had my check engine light come on AutoZone said it was P0496 and I should replaced the fuel pressure sensor. I got that job done, but it seems that that was not the issue because after I got it fixed the check engine light came on after about 200 miles after driving. So after eight I went to O’Reilly’s and I had them check my check engine code reader and they said that I should change the EVAP purge solenoid valve or canister something like that. Where is that in the vehicle? Or can I get some advice from you guys it’s listed above XE model 3.5 V6.
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Sunday, February 23rd, 2020 AT 9:31 PM

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I attached the procedure for the purge solenoid and the canister. Two issues here. Most likely the canister has raw fuel in it which is what is causing the pump to shut off. This is caused by two reasons mostly. First, leaving the engine running while filling. Second, topping off the tank. Meaning when filling the tank and it clicks off then you fill it more to top it off.

When we get fuel in the canister, the charcoal breaks down and gets into the solenoid and causes it to hang open. So I would suggest replacing both at the same time. This way the new solenoid does not get clogged as well.

Let me know if you have questions and we can go from there.
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Monday, February 24th, 2020 AT 8:51 AM

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