1995 Pontiac Grand Am



May, 13, 2013 AT 2:55 PM

The oil is a creamy tan with distinctive water in the oil. I pulled the plugs 1 by 1 and did a compression check of each cylinder. Every cylinder was at 175 + or - a couple. Cylinder #6 is the only spark plug that had rust on it. I forgot to mention this is a 3100 engine if that makes a difference. Would it be safe to say the problem would be a blown head gasket on that head. If so how often do these heads on grand ams warp or crack. Would you recommend just replacing both head gaskets since I'd almost be to the other one too and can I get by with just inspecting the heads looking for cracks after pressure washing or do I need to take them to a shop and have them magnafluxed or re-surfaced. Thanks for your input on this. Mitch

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May, 13, 2013 AT 3:14 PM

Pull both heads and replace the gaskets get them resurfaced heads are aluminum so have to be zygloed. This is a common problem



May, 13, 2013 AT 4:14 PM

While you are on your way to the head gaskets, I would take a hard look at the intake manifold gasket when you get it off. They fail quite often. They will not put coolant in the combustion chamber but it will put coolant in the crankcase.

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