2000 Volvo S80



August, 10, 2009 AT 11:10 AM

Computer problem
2000 Volvo S80 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 95000 miles

I have had other issues with this car before, but it has finally gone loco on me. Started with the typical Service Engine light that comes on for Volvos all the time (oil change or didn't turn the gas cap closed 16 times) but that usually goes away. Not this time. Now it has started with a computer message to service the SRS system, and the airbag light is on too. It also has the ABS light flashing on and off with no rhyme or reason. The brake light does the same, but is accompanied by the computer message that the brakes have failed and to stop safely immediately (the brakes still work fine BTW). The clock also gets lines through its display on and off.

The first time this all started the, I had just used the turn indicator to make a left. Afterward the blinker indicator on the dash would not stop and the outside lights continued on too. I decided to pull the fuse to keep from making other drivers crazy and the outside lights stopped, but the dash indicator sped up. Alll this was after pulling over and restarting the car several times.

After getting home, I checked all fuses and they are all good. The next morning, the indicators all stopped working completely, the washer stopped working but the wipers are OK, and the radio controls in steering wheel stopped working too. Oh, and a tiny warning ding comes and goes. Sometimes continuing even when car is off and keys are out.

Do I need and exorcist or just put her down?


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August, 11, 2009 AT 12:59 AM

The problem with the brake light and stop safely is from low brake fluid. You should have your brakes inspected. For the " CHECK ENGINE" light if you have had it scanned and it does have a evap leak code you my want to call Volvo to see if your vehicle qualifies for the 10year/150k mile extended warranty for the engine mangement software upgrade. If it does not if you pay for the upgrade and that is assuming it has not being done you should get it done. The leak detection pump when doing the evap self test uses current to determine if there is a leak and how big the leak is. As it ages it consumes more current setting off a false code. If the upgrade has already being done and evap lines are smoked tested for leaks and gas cap is tested and passes then you will need to replace the leak detection pump. The blinkers and steering wheel control could or could not be related? If I were to guess I would say it is a bad steering wheel module and that is the little module where the turn signals and wiper switch attaches too. As where the steering wheel controls come n play with this is that the sgnal goes through the contact reel and through the steering wheel module. Your ding noise especially if the key is out and still makes the noise you could have a bad column lock (ignition switch). Next time you remove the key and the noise is still there look at the ignition and make sure the little flaps have closed. If not play around with it until it closes. If noise goes away then that is the problem. What I strongly suggest is for you to take in to Volvo or a shop that specialzes in Volvo and has the proper equipement to diagnose your problem. You could be having a module going off line in the network, or problems in the wiring? And this could be related to all your problems except for the low brake fluid and leak detection problem. This will not be very easy to diagnose and it is going to be a hit or miss deal and you could be spending about a $1000 for a module replacement wth the software reload or maybe more if you need a new wiring harness? If you are not looking to spend that kind of money then I guess it is time to put her down.



August, 11, 2009 AT 7:17 AM

I appreciate the quick and thorough answer. Based on another recommendation, I disconnected the battery for an hour and reconnected it. The errors seem to have cleared, except the text message about the SRS maintenance.

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