1998 Volvo S70 Speedo Problems due to ABS module?

  • 1998 VOLVO S70
Electrical problem
1998 Volvo S70 5cyl 2.4L Front Wheel Drive Automatic 87000 miles

1998 VOLVO S70 (Base, non-turbo) with 87K. Bought recently and had an indep. Foreign car mechanic (Mercedes & BMW's & higher end Jap cars - not many Volvos in S. Florida) take care of some regular stuff - bad boot, top strut mounts, installed 2 automatic door locks, etc. And and I asked about the speedometer.

SPEEDO PROBLEM: Needle doesn't usually move, once in a while it moves properly and is steady (doesn't quiver or wave around wildly) otherwise, dead. Odometer always registers w/ or w/out needle moving.

MECHANIC: The mechanic thinks it is an ABS control module problem because: Transmission speed sensor is functioning properly, Impulse/msg is being sent along to (somewhere?), Impulse/msg is still strong when it goes to (somewhere else?), Impulse/msg is strong going into the ABS module. However, the Impulse/msg from the ABS module is weak/ bad/ missing or wrong (forget what he said exactly) after the ABS module and doesn't usually get to the speedo-needle.

MECHANIC'S SOLUTION: He wants to remove the ABS module, send it off to be rebuilt, keep the car for a week (says car can't be driven because: "so many things go into the ABS module & brake lines will be disconnected from the master cyl anyway") and told me that "it" (car or ABS module?) Will have to be reprogramed and he can't reprogram "it" in his shop? Says "parts alone" are about $1,000. Before (unspecified) labor.

VOLVO OWNER WEB SITES: Other owners of similar cars say that the ABS module can be removed and the car can be driven - while it is off being rebuilt - without losing anything but the speedo and of course the ABS system. These sites don't mention re-programing "it" or anything else. There are links to sites where the ABS rebuild costs about $150, incl. Shipping. The sites also give quite detailed info on who to remove and reinstall an ABS module

1. Can the car be driven without the ABS module?
2. Are other important systems (beside the speedo needle and the ABS itself) routed through the ABS module?
3. Does anything have to be "re-programed" after the re-built ABS module is installed?
4. How much labor time (for a pro / for an amateur) should be involved in removing the ABS module and installing the re-built?
5. What do you think?

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Saturday, January 19th, 2008 AT 1:26 PM

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Depends on if you have traction control. If that many posts say you can drive it, then you might be able to. This could be a CYA on his part. You leave the shop and take out a school bus because the you couldnt stop in time due to inop ABS, get it? The labor guide calls for.6 hrs to change the controller and the unit cost is around $530 for an OEM unit. TAht is for the electronics, the hydraulic unit is 2.3 hrs of labor and is just under $1,800. Which one is he replacing?
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Sunday, January 20th, 2008 AT 8:30 AM

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