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I have a 1998 S90 Volvo with 117M miles on it. I am today having the 5th radiator put in within the last two years. The first radiator had a leak in the bottom and was probably just worn out. The other four appear to leak in the top right hand corner. The radiator being replaced today was intalled on October 16, 2007 and is barely 1 month old.

The radiators have come from two different auto supply houses and the firm doing the installation ( Pep Boys) is a National chain with experinced mechanics.

The vehicle pressure on the cylander head has been checked on several occassion and no known problems exist. The Water pump was replaced in October as well.

What do you think is causing the radiator failures

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have the same problem?
Monday, November 19th, 2007 AT 9:25 AM

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Lets think here.

Thers a few things that can cause a radiator to blow, that would be bad cooling efficency, sounds like you have that checked out and good.

Second would be a bad radiator cap building too much pressure blowing the radiator.

Third would be a bad headgasket causing too much pressure thus blowing the radiator.

Fourth, bad materials.

Make sure your hoses arnt colapsed and try a whole cooling system flush.

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Thursday, July 17th, 2008 AT 9:38 PM

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