1997 volks Jetta windshield wiper motor replacement

My car is, a 1997 volkswagen jetta with 84k miles and its a gls.

during a recent snow storm, I apparently flicked on my windshield wipers. Unfortunately the wipers were weighted down and could not move.I didnt realize they were trying to move and I think I have burned out my motor. The wipers do not move at all.

can you describe the steps required to replace my windshield wiper motor?

any help is greatly appreciated.
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I know this is an old post, but if someone else is reading this.

A burnt motor will usually smell. So first make sure your fuse
is ok. The fuse panel cover will list which # fuse to check.

To gain access to the wiper motor, you need to:

- remove both wiper arms from the car.
- lift round plastic cover at mounting hinge
- remove 13mm nut from base of wiper arm
- using a puller, remove wiper arm from pivot pin
- once the arms are off, remove the plastic cover / rain tray.
- there are 8 to 10 plastic clips that hold it in place, the clips
have a philips fitting at the top, but they just pop-up by prying
from underneath
- once the plastic covers are out of the way, you can see the wiper
motor & link assembly.
- remove the plastic cone covers from the wiper arm pivots
- the motor assembly is held in place via 2 10mm bolts and a 10mm
- disconnect the harness plug from the motor and remove the assembly.

Swap over the new motor and attach the harness plug.

Before you re-install, you need to run the motor once and allow it
to come to the correct park position, BEFORE you attach the wiper
link rods.

Incorrect alignment of the links & arms can cause binding of the
links / wiper arms and or burn-out the new motor.
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