2000 Volkswagen Jetta Radiator Fan

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Engine Cooling problem
2000 Volkswagen Jetta Engine Size unknown Front Wheel Drive Automatic 72000 miles

Today I had my friend replace the radiator for me. After installing the new radiator and checking all connections and filling the coolant we ran the car for about 45 minutes. During the 45 minutes the dashboard temperature stayed right in the middle. The radiator fan never came on and my buddy says it should have. The car never went to the hot side of the gauge and you can visibly see the coolant level in the ball tank went down. Is there a problem with the fan. Does the fan run all the time when the car is on or just when it gets too hot? EDIT: The heat works fine blows hot, and while the car was running we kept it a 20 rpms. Generally speaking how hot before the fan kicks on, or is there a way to test and make sure the fan works?

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Saturday, February 23rd, 2008 AT 7:36 PM

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To check it temp wise, it will have to get pretty warm to turn the fan on, not sure about VW, but GM fans turn on around 230 degrees. You can try turning on the a/c to verify if the fan is good, but as far as temp, let it run til it comes on, be sure coolant is at proper level. Wont hurt anything to let it run til it comes on, just dont let it get to the red in case it doesnt

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Sunday, February 24th, 2008 AT 7:32 AM

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