2001 Volkswagen Golf Alignment problem. My caster angle is

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I bought a 01 Cabrio for my 16 year old daughter a few weeks ago knowing that the car leaned a little to the right. It doesn't lean heavily once you get going, but when I am accelerating it is noticeable. There is no uneven tire wear that I can tell and the steering wheel remains perfectly straight.

The car had obviously ran over a curb because the passenger side tie rod was slightly bent and there was a small scuff on that side's skirt too. I am not a mechanically inclined but I did replace the bent tie rod(thanks to Napa for letting me buy and return their KD3312). So when I took it to the alignment shop today, I figured that would cure the problem but my caster adjustment is too far off and my car still leans to the right.

My caster angle is 1.7 degrees on the left and -1.0 degrees on the right, I looked at the control arm and it didn't look like there was any damage there but I could have missed something, Any advice on where to look for a problem and fix it? Thanks.
Saturday, March 1st, 2008 AT 12:29 AM

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Caster is almost never supposed to be negetive. Either something is bent badly, or the control arm was installed wrong. Sometimes the left and right side arms are different. Installing a left side control arm on the right side could cause this.
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Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 AT 2:51 PM

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