2001 Volkswagen Eurovan


CEB01 Eurovan

August, 23, 2009 AT 10:24 PM

Engine Performance problem
2001 Volkswagen Eurovan 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 150000 miles

I have a 2001 Eurovan. My check engine light starting coming on sporadically last year. VW dealer told me to change the O2 sensor and air pump. I wanted to wait because it was driving well and I was not sure about paying close to $2k for it. Took it back later for repair and was told nothing wrong (no codes). Couple of months ago, I drove it on a trip after letting it sit for a while. I had to jump start the battery and it began to run rough on trip and believe it had some condensation in tank also EPC and stabilization lights showing in addition to check engine. Once condensation taken care of with new gas and gas treatment, it was ok and lights off (check engine stayed lit). Drove it a good bit last week and on longer trip, starting running rough and again shows EPC light, stabilization light, and check engine light. It is showing lots of codes and they are P0411, P1198, P0300, P0303, P1152, P0101, P1570, and 0532. I just want some ideas about what to expect or tell someone to check because the dealer will tell me to replace everything and they have a hard time thinking beyond just the code. They don't see any other Eurovan's here and use that as an excuse.


Air Pump / Mil


Air Pump


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August, 24, 2009 AT 9:12 AM

With all those codes they range from po411, air injuctor, po1198 rad temp sensor viltage, po300 multi cylinder misfire, po303 number 3 cylinder misfire, p1152 02 sensor low voltage, po101 mass air flow circuit, p1570 cruise control voltage

You say you had to jump start it? Disconnect the battery and charge it. While it is disconnected the codes should clear. After the battery is charged, before connecting it check the other connections, including dirty or bad ground connections. Spry some throttle body cleaner in the throttle body and let sit for a few minutes. Connect the battery and start it. The vehicle will run rough for a few seconds until the cleaner runs through the system. Drive the car about 50 miles and then check the codes again. The codes could have been storted in the computer for some time. If codes do come up you will have a better idea of what is happening. Check our trouble code chart on the left of the page.



April, 30, 2010 AT 1:24 PM

And for the love of god, stop going to the dealer. They typically have the worst prices by far. Parts can be found online for substantially cheaper. Look for an independent Audi/VW mechanic - you will likely have much better service.

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