1985 Toyota Supra


Ramona Windstrom

August, 15, 2010 AT 5:11 AM

Electrical problem
1985 Toyota Supra 6 cyl

I drive a 1985 Toyota Supra. Today my battery light started flickering, and the needle started wavering, and then went all the way up to 18v and came back down to the 12 mark before I was able to pull over. I called AAA and the guy said I could probably make it home, but didn't check anything, and so I stopped by PepBoys on the drive home and had them check the battery and system. They said the alternator was not showing any charge but the car still starts right up when turned off, numerous times, and all the electrical power (windows, sunroof, etc) work like usual; are not slow or anything. My friend said it might be the corrosion on the battery or down in the cables 'cause it would not start up when turned off if the alternator was completely dead. The battery light is still on/flickering off and on, but the needle has not gone up beyond 12 or 13 again. What do YOU think. And is it safe to drive/ will I get stuck somewhere or ruin something if I do? Thank you.


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August, 15, 2010 AT 5:48 AM

Your internal voltage regulator is going whack on you-replace it otherwise its gonna ditch you somewhere-

If it decides to stay at 18volts at all time its gonna blow the battery-reason you kept going is the battery powering it especially the ignition system till it runs dry and no more starting not even to tickle the starter. BTDT-Good Luck


Ramona Windstrom

August, 15, 2010 AT 10:19 AM

Dear rasmataz. Thank you so much. But, does that mean I should not drive it at ALL?. Or can I drtive a little, keeping an eye on the voltage for a couple days or so, local. It only went to 18volts for a second, and then went back down. Of course I stopped the car. But it did not go back up at all after that; just the light kept flickering and I just came home. Thank you.



August, 15, 2010 AT 4:56 PM

You can drive it locally but keep an eye on the guage if it stays on all the time your in trouble. Doube check the wire connetor behind the alternator could be loose causing it to flicker-Good Luck


Ramona Windstrom

August, 16, 2010 AT 1:09 PM

Thank you so much, rasmataz.

I will do those things and check the connectors, (that may be right, too, 'cause there's alot of corrosion on the terminals of the battery) and the car is getting old! : ) But thank you. When I have a little money I'll donate some to you guys; right now looks like I need an engine, too, so it isn't lookin' pretty and I'm broke. : (, But it'll all get worked out.

Thank you.

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