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September, 22, 2007 AT 11:03 AM

I have a 1999 Toyta Sienna with 80k, XLE and having a hard time finding where and what is making the noise. Here's the problem, while in " Drive" and I accelerate from stop there is a slight humming and clicking noise coming form the passenger front side of the van. The humming sound almost sounds like a " rearend" type hum when it goes bad. The clicking sound is a dull " cluck" that sounds like in the transmission/axle area? The noise is only when going forward. I lifted the front right tires independently to see which side the noise comes out from, and it from the right side but in the transmission area.
The transmission shifts fine and it was flush at 60k my problerm came out about 70k. All the cv boots are fine.
Also if it is the rightside cv joint, does anyone know the specifics on how to replace it? Is it " half shaft" replacement? I'm not sure what a bad inboard cv joint is to sound like. Most people say it has a " clicking sound while making a turn with driving?
Can someone help? Thanks!


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September, 25, 2007 AT 2:25 AM

Cv joints should only make noises while turning then accelerating not straight ahead



March, 8, 2008 AT 8:08 AM

Also, regularly check the inside the tire surface. If there is grease on it, most likely you have a broken boot.

There is a specialized CV joint shop in Atlanta that replaces the CV joint with a rebuilt one for about $130, much cheaper than regular shops. I saw them do the work, I was happy to pay for someone else to do it. It is dirty and takes a lot of muscles.

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