1997 Toyota Pickup



October, 13, 2006 AT 5:18 AM

My truck ran great, but I needed to do some cleanup on it. I changed the oil, plugs, and filters. I did the coolant also. I drainded the antifreeze, refilled with water, ran the motor for a heat up, let it cool, and refilled with antifreeze. I ran the motor till warm with the rad cap off to get the air out, and refilled what was needed.
I took it around the block, the temp gauge ran almost all the way up within a couple of minutes, the heater was blowing cool air. I got back quick, the rad was hot, hot. I let it cool. I see no leaks, but as it is cooling, air, burping into the resivour.
I can't believe it is a head gasket, water pump, or thermostat, the truck ran great an hour before.
And the heater always worked also, but it is not blowing hot air now. Please help me out.

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francis 180

October, 13, 2006 AT 5:02 PM

G'day steve let the engine cool down then check the oil and water levels again. Sounds like it's out of one of them. Good luck with it : D



October, 13, 2006 AT 7:53 PM

I let it cool down, filled the heater hose, and top rad hose with water, topped off the rad itself, ran the engine till normal warm up, and the cooling system got primed, and all the trapped air purged.

I also changed the thermostat, and found an old thermostat rubber gasket in 2 pieces on the engine side. But it was the priming that did the trick.
The heater is blowing real hot, and the engine temp is only up 1/4 on the guage.
Great site, thanks.

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