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First off this post is about a 93 toyota pickup, 22re, 5speed with no options.

ok this is how it started, my alternator went bad, so I went to autozone and got a new one, put it on and it was charging over 20volts, it fried my computer so bad that the ecu shorted and keep blowing the efi fuse, so I got a new ecu that fixed the blowing fuse and now its running again with the 2nd alternator, now its throwing me a code 24 and 31, code.24 is air temp sensor and 31 is means air flow meter, I am very mechanicly inclined but I cant seam to figure this out, it ran fine before this, now everytime I hit the gas it runs fine untill the pedal gets half way and then it cuts out untill I let off the pedal and goes back to idle and idles fine just kinda low, kinda acts like its not gitting enough gas, but I know it is cause if I try to floor it it goes to about 3500 rpm real fast but wont go any higher and when I let off it pops and backfires, I tried to see if the afm was completely bad by un pluging it while it was running and it dies right away, I plug it back on and it will idle fine. Im lost, could it have fried the afm when it fried the ecu?I dont know what to do, I am allready down 370$ cause autozone wouldnt comp a new ecu even though it was fried due to the bad alternator they sold me. Being that the ecu sent a code 31 and 24 for the afm probily means that I need a new one huh?Or could it have that code and it be something completely different?Any advise please! -Daniel

Wednesday, March 1st, 2006 AT 11:42 PM

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Ok, now I dont know what the hell to do.I got a new maf today because my computer is giving me the code that it is bad, and I put the new one on and it didnt change a thing?Is there another sensor that could be doing this and the computer is seeing it as the maf?Oh ya at the same time that all this is happing my speed sensor went bad cuase now I also have no speedometor, it just stays at zero, and none of these problems were there before they sold me the bad alternator, so what I think I have now, it fried my ecu so I got a new one, now its running, but now it is giving me code 24 and 31?But my maf is not bad?And the vss is not working?Wtf?I dont know what to do, any help would be awesome! Thanks -daniel

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Wednesday, March 1st, 2006 AT 11:43 PM

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