Camary V6 Acceleration or lack of

1989 Camary V6 Turbo automatic transmision front wheel drive, 108,000 miles.
Transmission rebuilt @ 70,000, tune up ~ 13 months ago.
1) Last week while driving up a steep hill (Approximately 1 mile distance) I noticed a lack of power, the problem seemed to be more noticeable if I was trying to pick up speed while driving up hill.
2) Yesterday driving up same hill I manually down shifter from Drive to 2, the car seemed to drive closer to how it use to when going up this hill.
3) I also noticed that when on the freeway that when pressing the accelerator down, the car gradually increases speed, but not like it use to drive, seems like there's no extra power to get to faster speed. The car once moving does seem to drive smoothly 0 - 75 MPH once it's running at a particular speed.
4) Maybe unrealated sometimes at a light or stop sign the car will stall when it's sitting there ideling.
5) I changed out air filter and fuel filter so far. Trans fluid looked ok and no smell.
6) Problem seems to happened whether car is hot or cold.
7) When under the hood I pulled the throttle cable (side pedal pulls) to hear what it sounded as the rpms increased, sounded ok, but I noticed that the wire on the oppositice side throttle doesn't seem to do anything (maybe this is called the tv CABLE), is this suppose to be retracting as the throttle being to open(i'm refering to part on page 158 picture 12.8 to remove a throttle body from a v6 engine pointer #2

Haynes book Toyota Camary 1983 thru 1991), the wire just sits there and as the other wire increases the RPMs the other wire seems to just bend from straight to an arched shape, like it's far end doesn;t go anywhere.
8) Maybe unrelated but when my mechanic replaced the timing belt last year they changed the timing so it would run better, about 3 months ago to pass smog we had to set it to factory settings, maybe the car had a little less power then, but as extremely noticeable as now.
Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, January 10th, 2007 AT 8:02 AM

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When is the last time this vehicle seen a major tune-up, could be 1 of the big 3 air, fuel and spark
Was this
Thursday, January 11th, 2007 AT 4:58 AM

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