2004 Toyota Highlander



January, 18, 2010 AT 7:17 AM

Steering problem
2004 Toyota Highlander V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 35K miles

Dealership has told my daughter that the power steering system in the car needs to be flushed and fluid replaced because it is brow/black in color. I looked and I agree with color change. The vehicle is not driven hard or in any extreme weather condtions mostly back and forth to work. My question is if the color starts out pale yellow what caused it to get to this color in the first place and in such a relatively short period of time? Also, shouldn't the cause of the color change be adressed? I read somehwere that you can't tell just by color but this is not just a color change but also seems like a viscosity change. She has never added fluid and there are not leaks. There are no malfunctions with the steering


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February, 23, 2010 AT 1:10 PM

I have posted a question on a power steering issue that is more intense than yours, mine is a 2004 highlander with 110000 miles. The fluid for the past three winters has pushed out of the top of the bottle with no other leaks. It is fine in warm weather but cold temps make it act up. I have ordered a new cannister in hopes to correct this, I have constantly added so much new fluid that that is not the issue. I noticed that they have not answered you (no donation either?) Have you had any luck?

Thanks Bert Landry



March, 9, 2010 AT 2:36 AM

The Highlander has a rack & pinion system. This system is hard on PS fluid. You should flush the fluid.

I have one of these cars, I do a constant flush on both of my Toyotas. That is I suck the fluid out of the reservoir and replace it with fresh fluid. I do this very often. (Since I am not replacing all of the fluid.) You can tell how much you need to do this by the color of the fluid.

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